Paprika - More than you think

2014. April 17.,Thursday 16:40

Children and Youth Camp „Paprika”- the Authentic Hungarian Camp Hungary, Balaton Lake. Duration: 10 days/9 nights Schedules: ❶ 11.07-20.07.14 ❷ 12.08-21.08.14

The camp is located on the northern shore of beautiful Balaton Lake, which is the largest in Central Europe.  The shores of the lake are the major resort areas of Hungary with its mineral and thermal springs. The place is recommended for safe children's activities due to lack of deep water in the swimming zone. The climate on the Lake is soft and warm. It has a healing effect on children's health. The camp is focused on group of children whose aim – fully and creatively spend the vacation.

Ask about the details of  programme in private message.


Accomodation: Children in single story buildings, 3-4 people, en-suite(toilet, shower, sink).

 Food: 4 times: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner.

The beach is sandy and fully equipped with changing cabins, showers and toilets and the rescue service is available 24 hours. Also, this area is a fully WIFI zone.


The infrastructure of the camp includes:

Equipped art center.

Indoor dance and rehearsal hall.

Artworkshop for trainings in small groups.

Outdoor dancing area for evening activities.

Playground. Campfire.

Equipped medical center and professional medical staff on duty.


Tours: sightseeing tour of Budapest; Tihany Peninsula and its Abbey – the museum of folk art, Echo Hill; Vesprem city which saved through the ages a huge number of interesting sights of the Middle Ages and later periods; Zoo.



Prices: 330€/child.

Adult: 360€.

Special offer: every 16th people - 15+ 1 (is for free)


The fares(transfer) are calculated individually which are  depending on the number of people in the group and place of departure.


The price includes:

  • Accommodation for 8 nights at the Balaton Lake, 1 night in Budapest.
  • Food: 4 times in the camp, 2 times in Budapest: breakfast and dinner.
  • Tours listed up in the programme(Budapest, Tihany, Vesprem and the Zoo).
  • Animation programs with special clothes and souvenirs.
  • Resort fees.


Application Deadlines:

Period  11.07-20.07  till 5th of June.

Period  12.08 – 21.08 till 5th of July.